Eeg Eunice Energy Group

EEG invests, creates, innovates, shapes and promotes fundamental strength modifications that affect the sector.
In the manner of shifting closer to the Energy Democracy, EEG has as allies and co-operators, the Greek and European citizens, the forces of development, the markets and the manufacturing procedure.

EEG bold strategic objective of the EEG Group is that every Greek citizen will become an lively and conscious netprosumer. Its cause is to turn out to be the proprietor of a small wind turbine, owner or co-owner of a photovoltaic system, producer and consumer of renewable sources, a supporter of our effort to make the country a renewable energy exporter.

Presently, the wind pushes us closer to a higher international, illuminated by a shining solar.
In this photo every body need to find out his suggestion and searching for his place in.

A netprosumer is a smart and free guy.

All of us were simply clients, clients to monopolies and oligopolies, restrained by using the country`s power packages that had been designed with an out of date concept and connected to the beyond. We were people who depleted natural resources and destroyed the weather, together as if the spacecraft that would colonize Planet Mars can carry everyone.

Nowadays, there’s no longer simply “client”. In the brand new energy landscape this is shaped, all residents are equal. Everyone has the identical get right of entry to to strength. They produce, consume, save, end up a part of the community, save, grow to be concerned, and cooperate, i.E. They turn out to be netprosumers. In this way, with none change in their habits or infrastructure of our homes and towns, they save money and on the same time defend the surroundings.