Eeg Eunice Energy Group

EEG invests, creates, innovates, shapes and promotes fundamental strength modifications that affect the sector.
In the manner of shifting closer to the Energy Democracy, EEG has as allies and co-operators, the Greek and European citizens, the forces of development, the markets and the manufacturing procedure.

EEG bold strategic objective of the EEG Group is that every Greek citizen will become an lively and conscious netprosumer. Its cause is to turn out to be the proprietor of a small wind turbine, owner or co-owner of a photovoltaic system, producer and consumer of renewable sources, a supporter of our effort to make the country a renewable energy exporter.

Presently, the wind pushes us closer to a higher international, illuminated by a shining solar.
In this photo every body need to find out his suggestion and searching for his place in.

A netprosumer is a smart and free guy.

All of us were simply clients, clients to monopolies and oligopolies, restrained by using the country`s power packages that had been designed with an out of date concept and connected to the beyond. We were people who depleted natural resources and destroyed the weather, together as if the spacecraft that would colonize Planet Mars can carry everyone.

Nowadays, there’s no longer simply “client”. In the brand new energy landscape this is shaped, all residents are equal. Everyone has the identical get right of entry to to strength. They produce, consume, save, end up a part of the community, save, grow to be concerned, and cooperate, i.E. They turn out to be netprosumers. In this way, with none change in their habits or infrastructure of our homes and towns, they save money and on the same time defend the surroundings.

Improve Productivity With Excel

The greater we use Excel and Word, the more effective we study they may be. Most human beings barely touch the floor of simply how powerful and useful they may be. I often see clients who whinge that their hours are too long and that they spend a long way an excessive amount of time doing dull admin. I check their machine and it’s wonderful how unintuitive, complex and unwieldy it is. “I just replica and paste here and make a calculation there and bring this statistics from right here and write this!”

No bloody marvel they’re spending too long on admin.

It’s handiest a rule of thumb, but if £one thousand were spent on Excel in each small enterprise within the land, I’d bet the average time saving, according to laptop person might be in extra of 5 hours every week.

How many computer users do you have got at your organisation? If it’s simply 3, say and you store 15 hours. Even in case you simplest pay them £10 in line with hour, that’s a go back on funding inside months. What else could they be doing in that point? Sales, advertising, warehouse obligations or maybe saving you the fee of professional cleaners coming in. In the early 2000s, I persuaded my then boss to position his hand within the organisation wallet for a clever Excel design. My praise for the additional time I created, changed into a day of telesales with commission added to my profits. We both benefited from that.

Now, the whole thing I do is automated and it’s terrific. Detailed quotes are sent in minutes in place of hours with the opportunity for errors appreciably reduced. I buy something and faucet it into my telephone or my PC and it’s perfectly recorded for bills functions. I am knowledgeable by people a ways cleverer than me, that Excel is like the human mind. We slightly use a tenth of its ability to characteristic.

Setup an Online Business

Many college graduates need to setup an internet enterprise. People say most effective college graduates know it all because human beings forget about half of of the matters they learnt in college inside some years after graduating. Fresh out of college many have several business ideas and are looking for beneficial assets of their quest to setup an online enterprise. I will provide a few.

Whatever your merchandise are make movies of your products available on your capability customers. Many customers by no means have the time to examine prolonged manuals or online files. They may not understand what you’re truely supplying. Most products available have numerous functions. Customers use less than a quarter of the functions available. The simple motive is they truly don’t know the capability of the goods. Electronic devices and software program are however a few examples.

When customers make full use of your products chances are that they’ll stick with your logo and your earnings will boom. A image they say is really worth 1000 phrases. Videos definitely have extra information. While clients do not read manuals many watch films demonstrating the features of a product and how they can use them. Create movies for your merchandise and cause them to to be had on-line. Don’t cause them to too lengthy in any other case they won’t see the latter features. Don’t lead them to too quick.

The subsequent aspect you could do to growth your chances of succeeding is to create a compelling website. For online businesses web sites are in all likelihood the simplest way a lot of your ability customers can discover what you’re in reality selling. Let your ideas shine thru your websites. Make sure the consumer interface is intuitive. Display your strengths first and prominently.